Thursday, November 26, 2009

Delectable Diggings from da Web

I am so in love with this image. It reminds me of my Dad . . . dunno why!
The above list I found on Kelly McCaleb's Tumblr. Which is essentially what my tumblr would look like if I had one, so I haven't bothered, I just look at her's. And you should too.
Not sure where I found this but I love the old can as a vase idea.

This, too, has been in "My Pictures" for a long time and I can't remember where it's from. Sorry. But I want her dress. And I could use a rusty tub like that too.
I try not to want things but when they're so beautifully styled... my eyes just get away from my brain mmkay?

1 comment:

Terrylynne said...

Hahahahahehehe - it DOES kinda look like your dad!! So funny!! And I love the blue dress too - you could make that!