Friday, May 21, 2010

Photography Class, age 15

I love sorting through old stuff. I seem to have a lot of it, I find out when I try to pack. This morning I found these photos from my Highschool photography class I took when I lived in Australia. We learned (I use the term lightly) to use a good old 35mm SLR camera and how to process the film and develop it.  It was a bit of a nightmare, that developing. And the reason I had permanent yellow stains all over my uniform skirt. Cute. But oh the fun of taking the pictures! Often we'd walk down to Eastern Beach and snap away... not artfully, of course, just get the job done.

I kinda love this one now, and how the water droplets from the developing (or I got on the photo paper during exposure, I don't know which!) ended up printed on the photo! If only it was on purpose ...
A very fuzzy picture of me and my friend Megan

Here is probably the only interesting thing I did in that class!
Overlapping those 2 pics to expose them like this:

Me and Dennis, who is now in London persuing his career in fashion, you can read about it here!

Oh what a mess I always made of the developing...

If you look closely there is one reasonable picture on that negatives sheet: 
Its me! So it turned out probably because it wasn't me that took it ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Place!

After finally getting to see the place, I am pretty darn excited to get our pretty little butts moved in there!
Here is a walk through starting from the back of the house, into the kitchen. (hope it's good enough for you Mum!)

The Kitchen viewed from dining area

Kitchen and hallway

The Living Room viewed from Dining area
Doesn't it feel kind of like Mexico?! The previous tenant did this lovely swooshing paint technique. Lovely indeed. :) But such a nice, big,bright, fireplaced room! Fireplaced is so a word.

Front Entry
And the flooring guy I guess. He won't be there when we move in.
The bit of floor at the end that looks like it leads to a hallway really is just a little alcove to put shoes or something else I guess.
As you can imagine I am sure, the living room is to the right of the picture, through the big hole. But there are other means of access to the room, not just the big hole, so don't worry.

And if you look left from here you will see the freshly carpetted hallway - and a nice big closet on this end, another one at the far end and another halfway down! (one for me, one for Chantelle, and one for our coats because the front closet in the above picture actually has water heaters in it) YAY STORAGE!


Proceed down hallway and on your left ... A bathroom almost identical to my current. A tad narrower though. And browner.

The small, "extra" bedroom. It has a fan. Wanna come stay?

The big room
( we're so excited about the full sized closets!)

My Bedroom! How perfect is that colour for me, like come on now, was that planned well or what?!
LOVE IT! Oh glorious" double wide" (only if you're used to my current one) closet, too.

The other wall (West facing, if I figure it right). Do I get an honourable mention for this photo? Oh yeah, it's so amazing, I know....

And the grand reveal oh whats beyond that bright window...

This is the extra little "add-on" outside of the kitchen. That you can only access from outside... it's a bit mysterious, but it seems like a good place to put my bike? Or a treadmill of course. Or... we'll see!

NOW let me take you to the front side of the house under the stairs where you can wash your nice sparkly clean white linens, intimates and the like!


There's gotta be one down side to it, right?!

Oh but the yard! And it's all ours!
Spot the skytrain tracks?
They have birdseed hanging on the clothesline but I think that could change.
As well as the site of a demolished shed.
All in all, so private and lovely!


I'm going!

Its another beautiful day in Vancouver. What am I doin' in here?!

And today I finally get to see the new place I'm moving into in 2 weeks!

Love you all and your comments (boy I missed them!). I will update you with pictures of the place soon I hope!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An update on the last little while:

Went home to see these girls do this:

And Nella just be cute and eat and sleep and make cute faces and be cuddly and perfect:

And do a lot of this:

And some of this:

(playing quelf)

In mom's cute little old house:

But boy was I happy to come back to spring-land (so cold in Calgary!). Got some warm weather, a little colour and a few extra freckles this week!