Thursday, April 8, 2010

Directed Studies: 7 Days to go

Here's what I've been working on this week!
Drafting... oh how I have a love/hate relationship with thee...

You see, drafting is an art. But it is a pain-staking one. And it is more complex than it may appear (I dunno really, how does it appear?) But if you've never done it, let me enlighten you a little bit.
There is a special way to sharpen you lead so that it doesn't break and make a mess on your clean white paper.
There is a special way to roll your lead holder as you draw a line so your lead stays sharp.
There is a special way to get clean, crisp lines (doesn't always work, unfortuntely, but it looks so nice when it does!).
There is a special way to draw curves with a french curve (that I wish I could master. Always dread the curves!)
And then of course there are line weights. The #1 reason any student gets a crappy drafting mark.
4H, 2H, H, HB leads, all produce a different weight of line. Today I didn't switch out my 2H one, I just go over certain lines harder or press light if I need a lighter line, it is my favorite, most versatile lead.
The blue-ish tone you see in my walls will not be blue after it's copied, it will be a nice grey faded look that is called Poche`. Created by colouring in the back of the paper where the walls are. Wall Poche. "Nice wall Poche". I'm strange but I do like my poche. I wish I knew how to do the hyphen right.

Floor Plan

A closer view of the apartment side of the plan
(See what I ended up doing with the living room, Britta?! Because I was told to not have my two exits that close together so I moved the door which inspired the loss of the curved wall.)

Section through building 5'-0" back from the front door. Poche still in the works as my marker is drying out - can't switch now though, can I!?

Elevations of study carrels, custom ethanol fireplace in lounge, art classroom wall and dining room wall

The perspective

And my RCP (reflected ceiling plan; as if you looked at the ceiling in a huge big mirror). This is still the rough copy and i will trace over it tomorrow so I'll then officially have ALL my drafting done!
Proud of me?

Now, I have to assemble my furniture and material boards, assemble these onto boards after getting them printed, print my AutoCad drawings (fix some of the specs in them first), write up a concept statement, render everything ... and voila! Done!


Leif and Laura said...

That is a monstrous project. Good work! 7 days til you can come out here right?

Terrylynne said...

I AM proud of you. You have been working so hard!! Nice job! Good luck with all the rest, sounds like you still have a lot to do!?