Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lovin' every minute of it

instant camera fun, taken on our honeymoon in Mexico

Let's re-cap.

A year ago I was knee deep in school work, lacking sleep and motivation...
From graduation I went straight into the work world, having been hired the day before my last day of school at a larger design/build firm in downtown Vancouver. I was lucky. And very glad for the paycheck.
I worked through the summer and into the fall.

Then the boy proposed to me in the most amazing way possible. A day that will never be forgotten (not to mention the day before my first niece was born and I got to take the day and be with her!).
4 months later we were married, on February 18th 2012. We went on a beautiful honeymoon to Riviera Maya and now we continue with working good stable jobs living in a little old apartment perfect for saving up some money!

I feel so blessed, so struck by the feeling of  'we've got it made' and sometimes get an overwhelming feeling of happiness that can't adequately be described.

So I'll keep on blogging now, after a year that was documented in vast and various ways other than blogging.

Stay tuned for:
- a video of the proposal!
- vintage wedding gowns going up in the shop!
- a few little 'lipstick' renos around the apartment
and who knows what else!


Terry Anderson said...

YAY! Welcome back! So glad I can keep an eye on you here again! And so happy for you and your contentment! Keep smiling! :)

Lane.Jocelyn.Anderson said...

I agree, welcome back to the blogging world. I love looking at the little things in the peoples lives that we know.