Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dreaming of being in my Renderings

Aaaaaaah.... to have a pool in the backyard... and this nice beach-front property with a view of the mountains to the north.... These renderings have just made me kinda dreamy. But its a nice day and my grassy green tree-covered back yard will have to do. I'll supply the bathing suit as long as the sky keeps supplying that sun!
Bring on the Freckling!
Have a good Tuesday, hope it's sunny wherever you are!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

green yellow mustard pink brown

Hi There! Long time no blog. I'm just working in Photoshop right now, I can't seem to decide which style of logo I like for this project I'm doing, but I do like playing around. Your opinions?
Also, there is a material board. I need to render elevations and perspectives all in photoshop now. I love PhotoShop.
In other news, I got accepted into the 2nd year Diploma program. The one I've been hoping to get into, yeah, that one. If you follow this link you can see the layout of the year and how that you take 9 courses at a time. The most I've done at a time before is 4, which is considered full time and kept me very busy. So, lets double that, plus a little. Meanwhile, I must keep up a 65% average to finish, and a 75% average if I want placement into a practicum/work experience position. Yay! How fun! Well, it  certainly will be interesting. I am trying to relish in my sleep-ins and flexible schedule right now. And now...back to that!

- ayla

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stuff and Squirrels

Wow! It’s June already?! I’m moved into my green room! My bed won’t be here for another week (now I know the answer to “why buy a mattress anywhere else”) but I have a little camping mattress on the floor for now, which will do just fine! I’m discovering far too many clothes. Ugh. Why?! I really don’t need more than what I have time to wear. I would love for that to be simplified for me, but then there’s all the things that you think you will want to wear, and you know, that top that would be perfect for a walk on the beach if it was exactly 21.75 degrees out, and the skirt that would be just right on a cool day in windy Scotland. Yeah, it’s pretty much that bad. And then my roommate asks me if I want this top she’s getting rid of and I’m all ‘yep, cute, thanks!’. Do you think it’s a real addiction? Like do actual people get some sort of actual chemically satisfying reaction in our actual brains to tell us that it’s actually good to have this much stuff?! What’s up with that anyways? Now the fabric, interior design samples, books and school supplies I can justify. Even though it was 2 whole truck loads of it. I think they are things I need. Right? Right? Anybody?

I did a little discovery of the neighbourhood this morning when I donned my bike (or did my bike don me?) and headed to our very own "Central Park". It has an outdoor pool, stadium (today Highschool students were having a track and field comp there), a little pond, horse shoes field, law bowling place and a baseball diamond. Its all in and among forest and paths that are great for biking through! However, and it's a big however, there seems to be an issue with feeding the squirrels... there are signs saying do not feed the wildlife... there are people throwing crumbs with their children right there too. And what is wrong with this? Well, you see, the thing is, when you feed them, they're no longer scared of us. And when they're no longer scared of us, they tend to not get out of the way when you're coming at them with a bike. Not one but two squirrels today caused me to swerve, squeal the breaks, scream and put my legs straight out in front of me with my eyes closed so as to not have to see or feel what goes down under my tires. I was mad. Especially at the lady with her daughter feeding them. This was before the 2 incidences, but still, I gave them a little "ugh" as I rode by. They heard.
Next time I go I'll say more than that, because I can see it REALLY is a problem!

Off to school now. Happy weekend to all you who have one!