Friday, January 30, 2009

bum bum bum bum

It's Friday!
& I am excited to go home with paycheque in hand, get my butt out to the boy's house (please traffic, be kind today!) & just relaaax. I think I'll pick up some oldy movies at the library on my way home.
I thought I would add 1 more entry to my blog for January. It's been a hectic month & still so much feels 'undone' - the to-do list is growing instead of shrinking. But I think that is normal for a January.
Anyways I told myself I'd get this filing done today. According to my calculations I might be able to have it done by 5 o'clock if it takes me an average of 2.5 minutes per filing item with 46 items. Jeepers I hate filing. But I guess it is better than sitting here waiting for my bum to get even bigger and wobblier.
Ciao blog-world & hope y'all have an enchanting weekend!

Friday, January 23, 2009

BAM - my inspiration board

So here we have a wee little screen shot of right now...

And if you scroll down, you will notice this board, DESIGNED BY AYLA!

It's nerdy, I know, but I feel so professional and established right now! I am sooo weird. I'm sure a million people have had their boards on this blog before; but here I am... little 21 year old know-nothing and BAM my name. My board. My ideas. And my first comment:

Wow, Great board! The fact that you took the time to place all of the proper information below says that your very organized and considerate. It’s very much appreciated. Elegant simplicity is what I would call it.

Lets hope for 100 more just like it, shall we? ;)

De-Clutter and get Butter! (better with an accent)

To say this
DID NOT inspire me to make some changes
would be the biggest lie of my life.
I really really really hope this inspiration lasts another... oh... at least 6 hours so I can go home and start throwing away stuff!
I had been thinking that even though I LOVE stuff and I LOVE clothes and I always wish I could just keep all my stuff forever so that I could look back and have something from now... and to have original things that aren't the typical trends 30 years from now... I think I know better. So now I'm not just going to think it, I am going to get rid of it. I know that stuff doesn't make any difference in the end. And the clutter is currently driving me mad.
SO now I am sitting here dreaming of going home to my bedroom instead of dreading it again because of it's madness, because I just can't wait! I hadn't even thought of how much cosmetics, hair stuff etc. that I've been holding on to for no good reason! Stuff I 'need' but could safely bet hasn't been used since last winter. So it is time to remove this clutter and (finally) start 2009 off how it should be!
Hopefully I can save some things for people that would appreciate them, but for the most part it will be a big thank-you-for-all-the-fun-shopping-trips-here to Value Village. And then the garbage bin.
Yay! I can't wait!!
This weekend is going to rock.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I want:
1. a clear, organized space for creativity-only purposes
2. a house big enough for all my stuff and lost of makeover projects
3. a dog
4. a blog that equates the nieniedialogues .... some day, some day...
5. a passion for the work I do (or work that I have passion for)
6. an Etsy Shop selling whatever I can come up with!
7. a clean keyboard... g2g now I need to attend to that one

Friday, January 9, 2009

BIG picture plan

An email to Mom I must remember when I try to change my stupid unsatisfied mind sometime again the future when I am regretting this decision. Think Big picture, me... think big picture.

".... So guess what? I am not doing school this semester at all! I figured that I could save up some money this semester and possibly quit my job for next semester and go back to full time school. I just want to get it done and over with. I am not 100% on quitting work and all yet though, I will try to decide in the next month or so. I change my mind enough eh?! But being part time in school, I just can't get into it, and I feel like I've lost a lot of knowledge and drive to really be in it just from being half away from it. I will get a better education by doing it alone than interrupted by work for the next 3 years or something. Sooo that is that kinda.... And also I am looking forward to this semester because I want to learn some sewing and get into it, see what I can do with it, and also with photography again. Those things interest me more now than Interior Design. And I thought after I am done design I might go to school for something else like textile pattern making or web design or graphic design. Ya, I know, I am all over the map. I just see what the design/architect industry has to deal with and all it is is a stress ball, it isn't design or creative at all. well maybe 10% of it is. Not my thing. I don't wanna be overworked and constantly annoyed by stupid clients and people who don't do their job. Ya, that is a bit worst-case scenario-ish, but that is how I see it now. But if I have my Interior Design Diploma, I have the knowledge to do it if I want to. And if Ron wanted me to do Interior design on houses he builds, we're set up to do that too. But I don't see that as a full-time commitment that I would ever have to make. Sooooooooo thats the deal. I am kinda figuring it out as I type, so don't be all like spreading this news like it is fact or something. Because I know you would do that... such a gossiper. Weeeell I am just bored at work so I am going to play on the internet now!...."