Wednesday, August 27, 2008

predicting the...uh...past

Last night I talked to my boyfriend when I got home from work. It was about twenty to six. He'd just woken up from a long and luxurious nap, much to my, uh, envy... and I was trying to decide if I was going to unpack or eat. Anyways, the point of the story is that he was hungry and we hung up after deciding he was going to get some food in his belly. I went and started making muffins. Then he calls back and tells me he wants to come over and eat my food (its a 45 min drive and he had offered me to come over and I decided against it because I wanted to get to bed super early)... so I said okay, I'll have to go buy some food - the cupboards are bare. He'll be here in an hour and a bit. So I'm gettin' goin' and then he calls back again... "can I have tomato soup and grilled cheese?" - sounded good to me after a commute home in the cold and rain! This is also the meal he asks for on his birthday and nobody seems to believe that it is one of his favorite meals. But anyways, it was all lovely having dinner together at my house - that has not happened... ever??? Anyways, normally I go to his place but it was a nice change. He brought Heroes season 2 (we watched season 1 together a while ago and really liked it!) and we watched a couple of episodes together, then watched some youtube videos and then, needless to say, I didn't get to go to bed until 11:30. I could have conked out at 6! But HERE is the whole point to the story. This morning I opened up my Capricorn 'personal guide to the future' booklet (available for $1 at grocery stores all over the place!) and I realised I had not read yesterday's. It says:
" Tuesday August 26: When the moon is in Cancer you are especially tender toward your spouse or mate. Doing kind things such as taking over some of the chores, cooking their favorite meal or just being a shoulder to lean on are all things that promote emotional intimacy and show your love."

Interesting or what?! So today's says:

"Tonight's Mercury-Pluto square could bring a message, phone call or e-mail from an old friend or family member who lives at a great distance. This is a person who has been out of your life for quite a long time. If you are unsure of how to feel about an impending reunion, let your heart lead you."
But it seems that it never happens unless I don't read it before-hand. I'll have to get in the habit of checking it the day after.

Item B on the agenda: people's crazy names in this city! I get a call for my boss from a guy named Ominut or something, so I told him who was calling and he's all "who?" and I said "Ominut... I don't know how it's spelled exactly..." hesitantly... and he replies "you gotta get the name!" So I asked the guy on hold if he'd like to leave a message instead and got the right spelling. It's Amanat. Sounds the same! But honestly it took me a while to figure out who was who in the office and to recognize who the person on the phone was asking for each time... its like Havarti? Madia? Fee? Showheeg? Nenad? Havier? I wrote the pronunciations right, not the spelling :P but no, it was tough... I'm okay now, but figuring out who's calling is another issue. I think you would be pushing it if you said half of the people living in Vancouver don't have an accent. It might be less.
But there we go, that annoyance is out of my system now!

In the begining...

So I've decided to start blogging. .
I just got back from my lunch break, so here I am; back at 'er! I do like this new job but it definitely leaves time for other things. It will be great to get back to classes so I can use my time for homework. If all goes well I will not have to do any homework outside of office hours :D
I don't have anything profound on my mind right now, but I am excited to have this blog here for whatever purpose it may serve!