Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspired...courtesy of film (in some sort of small way)

There's nothing quite like being inspired. On Saturday it was the Benjamin Button movie. Phe-flippin-nominal! Maybe it was just the right timing for me, but it really really REALLY made me happy. The visuals, the characters, the cooky story line and just over-all gorgeous videography. But really, it made me take another good hard look at life (my favorite thing to do? Perhaps!) and see that:
a) I'm so stinkin' blessed
b) I am SO lucky to know the truth, to know that these moments 'don't last' but there is an eternal goal and prize to look forward to, regardless of past or present
c) I need to think more often of how I'm using my time and use it to do the things I love more than not love. I waste a lot of time doing nothing, or procrastinating things that, if I got OUT of the way, I would be able to move on to the lovely things!

Today, a favorite old friend (acquaintance, perhaps better word) has new pictures on her site. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and seems to have the most rad life, or at least the best photographed. But then I think... you know... she did 4 years of school for the same thing I am. She got a good job, made her money, found her amazing husband and THEN got to experience what she is now. I'm not saying thats how it should or will be for me, but it made me feel inspired to work hard NOW. I can't have it all at once. School first, then a lovely life where I get to camp on the side of the beach with other couples, and have other amazingly beautiful adventures. Just 1 step... at. a. time.
It is so refreshing to take a little step back and see the big picture instead of all the nitty-gritty little day-to-day trivial things that take up our (or mine anyways) time.

Here's to letting it inspire me for more than this moment!