Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't let your dreams be dreams

I have a CD player in my car.
It is old but it works pretty well other than when you play a burnt CD. Then it has trouble.

If you want to navigate to the next song you gotta be willing to wait a couple of minutes for it to get there. And if you go over a bump the same thing happens'; you have to wait a few minutes for it to find its place again.

I am talking sometimes five, ten minutes.

So yesterday I was listening to a Jack Johnson CD I burnt way back when I first starting listening to him. And I was driving on the highway and I hit a bump that made it stop for a good five minutes or so. I don't know how long it was but it was a long time because I couldn't remember what song was playing when it stopped.

So I did a thing I often do when I get impatient. I said to myself, "self, I want to shut it off and listen tot he radio now, but I will wait a generous ten seconds and if it doesn't start within ten seconds I am shutting it off..."











"so girl don't let your dreams be dreams...you know this livin's not so hard as it seems...don't let your dreams be dreams..."

That is the end of my story.

PS: Please ignore the first half of the song if you're listening to it; that is not the point of my story!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"One can never have too many lips"

This blog has singlehandedly made my day.
Actually, its the blogger. Hilarious, sarcastic, spot-on humour.
Warning: Do not click if you need to do something. Like other than flipping through page after page after page. Its funny. I'm warning you!
PS: I linked to the wreck I got my title from because it made me have a really really hard time not laughing loud (sleeping roommies) but really, they are all funny!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aaah . . . Autumn

(page 74, the best in the catalogue)

I was flipping through Eddie Bauer's fall catalogue, not expecting to see anything I liked. When suddenly I was overcome with an urge to move to the country and wear rugged, cozy, cute outfits.

Yes, it is Fall. And I think I love the idea of it more this year than I have in a long time. I am ready to get cozy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Change is good

Today being the first day that I've clutched my steering wheel with the cuffs of my sweatshirt, I couldn't be more ready for change. Yesterday was a good day. A good Sunday.

Fear can stop you lovin'
Love can stop your fear

An extension on the study of David and Goliath

Now that more than 1 person reads my blog it is a lot harder to be frank. To be honest with myself. Mainly because if I was someone reading this I wouldn't give two toots about that kind of stuff.
Stuff like I've been too selfish lately.
I've not been willing to suffer a tad to reap a bunch.
And I think, partly, my reasoning for thinking on this so much lately is school.

I think Iwill finish it (if this is not news to you, you havn't been around me the last few weeks while I've changed my mind 10,000,000 times)
I think it might be one of those things that I should do, not because I want to, but because I don't want to. Because I am not looking forward to it and it doesn't need to be done but I think it is healthy to do things you don't really want to do once in a while. I think it makes it more valuable.

So there is my psycho babble for the day.

I am taking care of Massey today. He's about 2' tall. Blonde, 0bb0 41nn40n4n0 104LIK#Z$#$4

and likes tapping keys.

And SO easy to take care of. He eats what you put in front of him. He plays when you sit him in front of toys. He sleeps when you put him in his bed. (and plays with the garbage can when Auntie Ayla is on the computer). Oh and apparently he likes playing with fax machines. Oh, and Tika's dog openner. She has a button like a handicap door to get out. Which is expected for a household with an automatic door business. . .

So I think today we may go to the mall and walk around for a bit. He's not quite as lazily content today as he was on Friday.

And now that I have blogged about nothing I intended to blog about.

Yes, change is good.

He's hanging off the rod that turns the blinds now...

Monday, September 14, 2009

My New Dayjob

You would not believe how much fun I'm having describing cushion covers.

They've got personalities.

Info soon to be revealed!

But for now, meet Betsy:

Betsy is a vintage rose fabric, completely upfront in her 100% cotton down-to-earth-ness.
She loves to rest in lazy, comfy, cozy rooms. . .
She loves to be a headrest while you read a good book. . .
She's a pretty denim blue colour. . .
She has a blue/white striped back side with overlapping fabric closure for access to cushion. . .

P.S. Mom, is this fabric vintage? Where did it come from? Grandma? I'm calling it vintage. It feels old.

Friday, September 4, 2009

job hunting

i applied here

what if I got it?

scary to think about if you ask me . . .

besides having her own design firm, she is the host for HGTV's "Take it Outside"

I've also applied at every decorating company that worked on the PNE's prize home. Yes, it's not Design, but it might be fun to be a "Decorator" (oh, how I hate that word) for a year or so, and who knows, I might like it. I'd just have to come up with another word for Decorating.

SO the next step is to apply at places like coffee shops and fabric stores and grocery stores . . .
Then I will try to get my name out there "Ayla Anderson Interior Designs" or "Interior Designs by Ayla Anderson" or "______________ " (you fill in the blank) and see, if I get any bites, if I can do some jobs on the side to expand the portfolio a bit while I get all this school stuff over with.

If I just went with the "Interior Designs by Ayla Anderson" one, I already have a logo I kinda like that I made in school.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009