Monday, May 16, 2011

Final Material Board

Finally remembered to bring this home from school today; a bunch of people's boards were stolen from the classroom this weekend so I was lucky it wasn't mine - I didn't even have a picture of it! So now I do. Phew.

Back at it with the construction drawings for this - its a luxury skybox for a record label of my own invention ("Moontide Records") which is a label for blues/roots/surfie type artists. Laid back, yet luxurious, with lots of green design thrown in (see recycled corrugated cardboard carved wall/ceiling feature).


Lane.A.Jocelyn said...

wow you should show that to the girl that Lane just finished the floor for in her Whistler condo. She wants new kitchen counters and backsplash something cool but that would go so good in there!

Leif and Laura said...

I love the look of that!