Monday, August 31, 2009

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Okay, so I wasn't going to explain, talk, winge and point out all my mistakes. But really. Look at the wrinkles in the paper. Look at the samples (the one fell off right before my presentation). Look at my lack of a furniture board. Look at the rush job of rendering. Look at the crooked mounted titles. I would have loved to have had time to make this all presentable. Instead I ran out of time, slapped it on boards the night before, practiced lots at presenting my concept with confidence and explaining things to the utmost in my alotted 10 minutes (short!). And was told at the end of my presentation that I presented it really well. I could've done a lot worse based on my work, and I totally think they gave me the mark I deserve. Unfortunetly it means I have to do it again if I want to get into 2nd year. We'll see...
post edit: sorry all the images are too big. I'd fix it but you're not missing much. the other maker gave me a 58/100.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We've been so busy...

1st finishing up my project...


...yes, we all got to stress out together!


eating hot dogs...


then ZipTrekking through the trees...

Emerly was less than impressed about the whole experience; her fear of heights wasn't cured, even after 5 zips!


...the rest of us had a good time though!



Then Eating Pie...


And eating fair food... mini donuts, pulled pork sandwhiches and fresh lemonaids not shown...


They leave tomorrow morning and it's going to be sad...

Then I'm leaving for Calgary to help with some invitation making! And seeing people and having fun and not working or doing homework!

Still haven't had time to clean the horiffic amount of stuff off my bedroom floor! I'd take a picture of that too but it is just one step too far on the messy bedroom-showing scale!

I forgot to take photos of the finished product before handing it in but I get it back Aug 31st in the morning, so I will show you if I passed!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Product of a weekend

So I didn't make my goal on Friday :(
. . . but help has arrived in the form of my good friend Emerly from Australia and her boyfriend Reece! They're prepared to help me all day tomorrow, so halleluja!!
ps, did I tell you the wallpapers aren't going to work out? Yeah, the wallpaper is not here. And it is not 'commercial grade' I find out later anyways. So unless I get it in the mail tomorrow... and I put it in the residence...

So the weekend produced:



ps. I just took ages to upload that video. Watched it and realised... not that great...pretty short. But sweet. And it shows the Bride. And the back of the groom. And the back of my boy. But sorry about the crappiness if you had high expectations.
pps. ot was a great, great wedding

Friday, August 21, 2009

You Win!

Okay, you win! Black behind the metal. And mom, you're getting your blue. There will be a little bit everywhere (like the oceans that tie all the countries together :P) and in the reception area it will be the transaction counter which kind of wooshes you into the building... I think I can show you a picture of it here... just a sec...

well it doesn't take you a sec but it takes me a sec...

So the blue would be on the top counter. the wheelchair one will be a super light grey and the front face of the whole thing will be that bright white, it will be acrylic so its almost kinda see-throughish. So that back wall will be darker with the black, but that will really offset the lighting (yay!) which actually look like this:

And the ceiling will be white so won't look so dinjy. That illustration was done on the computer but we have to hand in a hand-drawn one. I traced it and it will look much better than that in the end. And the flowers will be bigger and brighter and cheerier . . . I LOVE when my desk has flowers on it, sorry but I can't not show that!

Today's goal:

Show you guys my material boards by the end of the day; before I head out to Langley for the rehearsal dinner!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reception materials

So I have been pulling 12, 14 and 18 hour days at school, drafting.

Which looks kind of like this:

And this:

But now the drafting is done!
Next up: put together the materials on boards, make furniture boards and do my millwork drawings in CAD. I have Friday, Sunday, and all of Monday and I THINK I can do it. Oh wait. And also render all the drawings. "Colouring" but harder and longer-taking.

But can you help me with this first?

This is going to be on the wall behind the reception desk. And I need to know if it looks better with white paint behind

Or this metalic grey - it is actually a more gun-metal grey than it appears here...

or black?

It shouldn't be too distracting but also not too dull. Everything in there is black/grey and white...

Don't worry, you're not the only one "ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" ing.

I haven't thought of a colour to accent this stuff and I don't really know that I want one because the office will be very "technology" feeling.
Modern, but not in a trendy way, more in a streamlined way. So colour? Not so much.
But I had thought of using a brilliant blue somewhere. . . but basically I don't have time to change my mind lots and stuff so this is pretty much gonna be it. . .

Okay well, that sitting "normal" (slouched in the couch) felt really good.
But I should get back at it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I love nie

Nie Nie, you never let us down, do you. What an inspiration. How amazing is she. . . just. . . wow. I admire her a lot.

Well, now that things are in perspective . . .

let's get this gruelling week started so it can end!

And it will; on a good (wedding) note!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So. Uh. Well. Okay, I'm a terrible person.

Hey there. It's me, Ayla. Just taking a (much deserved) break from drafting. Somehow, blogging makes me feel sane, just for a few minutes. Which is nice.

I am starting to freek out a little. I had an 'off' day, as in, I wasn't 'on'. Anyways, I was just thinking to myself while I was drafting, "self, I have a lot of work to do. ___ for instance, seemed like a one day job but when I sit down and sketch it out, I can see that it involves a lot of time and a lot of drafting. Self, .... no more sleep, okay?"

Just then, a small male burst into the otherwise empty room - I must've looked like I was ready to shoot him because he immediately said "sorry! It's just me!" - and explained to me his situation. You see, the plan we were given to use needed to be blown up 200% for the scale we are using. He blew it up the wrong size. Too big. So all his planning has fit into a BIGGER space than it is supposed to be. uh... ouch. So he has to re-plan whatever he has done and make it all work in a smaller amount of area.

So, am I a disgusting person because that made me feel a lot better?

Monday, August 10, 2009

screen shots

I am taking a quick break from this.


Thats the plan for the office space


And thats the plan for the residence above it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Design Blabber again. I'm apparently not THAT busy

Laura, I am so glad you asked! How AM I going to do that... Well I thought maybe I could try and pull out the sample bin and see what else I have.

It turns out a lot (more than I thought I had)

Most of it, I have no idea where it came from.
(Although I THINK that the few times I've raided the sample room at school I've gotten super lucky because everyone else says its a waste of time - pssscht! Some of the fabric samples are big enough to make a skirt - a free skirt!- you can't complain about that!)
I found a concrete sample that is the EXACT shade and type of thing that I was thinking I wanted for the whole office space. Consistent flooring = a little needed continuity. And I found a sample that is a vinyl wallcovering that acts as a whiteboard - perfect! I am yet to decide if it belongs in the meeting room or by the draftsperson's desk... or in the sample library... or everywhere... I'm trying to shout communication, right?!
(Sorry, I'm not sure, did I talk about that here? w/e, basically www=communication=good=knowledge=global connections=global village=my office space)

Also, most if not all of the non-patterned walls will be white. or a version of white. So that should calm down the papers.

And the wallpaper on one wall will not be sharing the line of site with another wallpapered wall. However, even if that does look good in real life, I need it to look good on a sample board which might be a different story. But, once I get the wallpapers (please please please closer to the 5 than the 10 business days!) I can play with it, see what type of white goes with it all and choose what goes where.
Here's some stuff that could work and I'm putting aside for now.

oooh and see those metalic kinda loopy things on the top left? They are called cascade curtains and are basically loops of metal - come in many many finishes - basically like a fireplace screen if you know what I mean. But they look sooo interesting and dramatic as an actual curtain or room divider. And it perfectly demonstrates my concept. So I also need to find a place for that.

My materials so totally rock my world! I thought this part was going to be painful!!

Today I worked on the ceiling plan. Chose most of my lighting and drew it all out rough....

Other than that, my Saturday included a nap and a salmon dinner and a movie at home with the boy!

P.S. Looking forward to Convention in the morning!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My walls will be so Beautiful!

I worked on the floor plans from about 10 til about 7:30.... at which point I was too hungry to keep going, came home and had supper, and now can't seem to pick myself up to go back to school and keep at it... !!!

But I'm happy with what I did get done and my critiques were quite good, I got a lot of positive comments about the concept and layouts, so I feel a lot better about it now!

My next worry is the material boards I have to do. This will be very time consuming... just did an online search for wallcoverings and somehow... found some great samples - $5 each, but I can't risk not finding them in time and I know that wallcoverings are the hardest to get samples of (especially free) and that I REALLY REALLY want to display the different cultures and 'global influence' by using wallpaper... so... I think I can justify it if it lets me stress a little less. . .

So here is what I found (this is very exciting!):







Got a little Asian Hawaiian, Portugese, American, Moroccan.... I am happy. This is what I wanted.

Thanks for the encouraging comments!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just so you know...

I am in an I-hate-Interior-Design mood today.
I have a concept. It is boring but it is what they want to see.
Strong, Global Influence, Interconnectedness (pulled from my 2 original ideas; nest and global) which combine to basically create a concept of: WWW
I have a plan but it doesn't work the best. It needs massaging.
Then I need to plan the residence (the exciting part)
Its all up to ME and thats just not how it would be!
in real life.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspiration comes of working

These all seem like nice offices for an Architect:








So now that I've wasted an hour finding those... and blogging about it....

I am still not decided on concept.

... I want something that can translate to these types of looks. Maybe "loft", but its a bit vague. I had thought of "global", incorporating different designs from different cultures and what-not. . . hard to explain without an image. OR the other idea I had was Venice/Italy/Gondola - the 'water' aspect would translate through the use of glass (aka the 1st picture sort of, I like how they used glass there) with rustic and historic looking things like the buildings would be. I could use stripes. :D. And bridges. But I don't want it to FEEL like Venice. Just be inspired by it. Modern Venice if you will.


I NEEEEEED to decide completely and whole-heartedly like NOW.
Let me fill you in...
In 1 month....
I need to complete:

1. a concept statement

2. floor plans (upper and lower)

3. draw 4 elevations, 1 section of entire building

4. draw 1 perspective showing design in best possible way

5. create furniture board - chosen pieces to be illustrated/put together in an appealing way, labelled etc.

6. Colour & material board - must have actual materials, for ALL areas

7. Millwork drawing of reception desk; plan, elevations, section, specs, labels, finishes, dimensions etc.

8. Reflected ceiling plan - spec. all lighting types, create schedule, label all ceiling heights and finishes, both floors

9. sketchbook - used all the way through to show design intent/purpose/train of thought/ideas etc.

This is my plan of action:

- come up with STRONG concept (I am close to committing)

- space plan for functionality/adjacencies - upper & lower floors

- space plan design - add details, design interest, relate space to concept more

- layout furniture (research systems furniture, choose, research all items and have pictures and dimensions first)

- reflected ceiling plan - add some ceiling detail, choose luminaires, play with ceiling heights, whatever. Draw.

- Perspective drawing. Elevations drawings. Section drawings. All Manual. No CAD. I am mad about that. tripple the time...

- Colours and Materials - actually I should start the search for those now

- furniture board (probably the only thing on the list that COULD be done the night before IF I HAD to, which I am not planning on, but... y'know... just sayin'

- Millwork drawings - this CAN be done in CAD, so yippee! AAnd shouldn't take too too long. A day or 2 tops.

- Sketchbook - already started, and will continue to use tonnes as if they don't think it looks 'complete' they don't mark the project at all. Thats right.

So, I am looking for volunteers to come and stay with me for the month. Must be capable of:

a) doing laundry
b) reminding me when to shower
c) reminging me when not to blog
d) reminding me to sleep and, most importantly,
e) making me food

and, a bonus ability would be to keep my room somewhat liveable for the month. And possibly searching for a job for me come September.
Got it? K. Thanks.

Happy B.C. day!

Inspiration comes of working.
Imagination is more important than knowledge
The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature. Life is an exciting business and most exciting when it is lived for others. You cannot do much about the length of your life, but you can do a lot about its depth and width.
- As quoted by my green folder that holds papers.