Saturday, August 8, 2009

Design Blabber again. I'm apparently not THAT busy

Laura, I am so glad you asked! How AM I going to do that... Well I thought maybe I could try and pull out the sample bin and see what else I have.

It turns out a lot (more than I thought I had)

Most of it, I have no idea where it came from.
(Although I THINK that the few times I've raided the sample room at school I've gotten super lucky because everyone else says its a waste of time - pssscht! Some of the fabric samples are big enough to make a skirt - a free skirt!- you can't complain about that!)
I found a concrete sample that is the EXACT shade and type of thing that I was thinking I wanted for the whole office space. Consistent flooring = a little needed continuity. And I found a sample that is a vinyl wallcovering that acts as a whiteboard - perfect! I am yet to decide if it belongs in the meeting room or by the draftsperson's desk... or in the sample library... or everywhere... I'm trying to shout communication, right?!
(Sorry, I'm not sure, did I talk about that here? w/e, basically www=communication=good=knowledge=global connections=global village=my office space)

Also, most if not all of the non-patterned walls will be white. or a version of white. So that should calm down the papers.

And the wallpaper on one wall will not be sharing the line of site with another wallpapered wall. However, even if that does look good in real life, I need it to look good on a sample board which might be a different story. But, once I get the wallpapers (please please please closer to the 5 than the 10 business days!) I can play with it, see what type of white goes with it all and choose what goes where.
Here's some stuff that could work and I'm putting aside for now.

oooh and see those metalic kinda loopy things on the top left? They are called cascade curtains and are basically loops of metal - come in many many finishes - basically like a fireplace screen if you know what I mean. But they look sooo interesting and dramatic as an actual curtain or room divider. And it perfectly demonstrates my concept. So I also need to find a place for that.

My materials so totally rock my world! I thought this part was going to be painful!!

Today I worked on the ceiling plan. Chose most of my lighting and drew it all out rough....

Other than that, my Saturday included a nap and a salmon dinner and a movie at home with the boy!

P.S. Looking forward to Convention in the morning!

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