Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So. Uh. Well. Okay, I'm a terrible person.

Hey there. It's me, Ayla. Just taking a (much deserved) break from drafting. Somehow, blogging makes me feel sane, just for a few minutes. Which is nice.

I am starting to freek out a little. I had an 'off' day, as in, I wasn't 'on'. Anyways, I was just thinking to myself while I was drafting, "self, I have a lot of work to do. ___ for instance, seemed like a one day job but when I sit down and sketch it out, I can see that it involves a lot of time and a lot of drafting. Self, .... no more sleep, okay?"

Just then, a small male burst into the otherwise empty room - I must've looked like I was ready to shoot him because he immediately said "sorry! It's just me!" - and explained to me his situation. You see, the plan we were given to use needed to be blown up 200% for the scale we are using. He blew it up the wrong size. Too big. So all his planning has fit into a BIGGER space than it is supposed to be. uh... ouch. So he has to re-plan whatever he has done and make it all work in a smaller amount of area.

So, am I a disgusting person because that made me feel a lot better?

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