Thursday, May 19, 2011


Procrastinating and realising I need a woven basket purse for the summer! Etsy is full of vintage ones, I've discovered, and I am planning to pick one of the following:

SUNDAY DRIVE. Vintage 60s Basket Purse with Leather Trim.

brown wicker and leather Vintage Purse
BASKET, Woven black wicker leather handbag
vintage natural straw woven bucket bag - As Is
SALE Vintage 1950s Hand Made Picnic Basket Woven Purse

Vintage Yellow Woven Plastic Purse by Lesco Lona

Monday, May 16, 2011

Final Material Board

Finally remembered to bring this home from school today; a bunch of people's boards were stolen from the classroom this weekend so I was lucky it wasn't mine - I didn't even have a picture of it! So now I do. Phew.

Back at it with the construction drawings for this - its a luxury skybox for a record label of my own invention ("Moontide Records") which is a label for blues/roots/surfie type artists. Laid back, yet luxurious, with lots of green design thrown in (see recycled corrugated cardboard carved wall/ceiling feature).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Coming up on the final week...

I wanted to do a quick blog post .... seems like yesterday I was counting down at 3 weeks, and now its 1 week (plus a 5 day extension on the major project) until school is done.
I'd wanted to chronicle everything during this intense school process, and enlighten people as to what it is we do as interior designers/design students. I don't know how to do that still, and simply haven't had the time to show a whole lot of stuff.  When I have time I will upload the pages of my portfolio which was prepared for our grad show a week and a half ago... which went really well.... I officially decided I feel ready for the work world!

In this moment, as I think about my final gruelling week of homework and studying, I am:
- amazed at what I've learned to execute and create
- excited to get finished with school forever
- not looking forward to NOT seeing my 20 peers everyday (and so thankful for the amazing friends I've made)
- extremely excited to soon be able to clean my house and trash a whole wack of old work, boards, drawings, etc.! That will be sooo fulfilling and liberating!
- can't wait for the freedom of no school and the lovely summer to play in!
- can't believe how much work I still have to do ... wow. anxiety.
- a little nervous

But anyways, since I really don't feel like I can capture the feelings I have right now, I'll wrap it up.

The REALLY exciting news is that I just got called for an official interview where I had my work week/internship next week! This is like .... my dream job for right now. It's a lot of office planning, some retail, some institutional.... simple basic stuff, but its a large design/build office which means there are lots of resources, learning opportunities, ecological design practices, and the people are amazing, down-to-earth and personable and exactly who I'd like to work with and for. SO let's hope this means I can start work as soon as I graduate - I did not expect to be able to do that AT ALL !!! (I'm cautiously hopeful, as the phone call contained the words "we think we've figured out where to put you...")

So I am celebrating by eating the whole $5 little bin of raspberries I bought the other day! (they really shouldn't be eaten without an occasion)

expensive raspberries, reflected ceiling plan on stand to get into autocad.... renderings from Seniors housing project