Friday, September 4, 2009

job hunting

i applied here

what if I got it?

scary to think about if you ask me . . .

besides having her own design firm, she is the host for HGTV's "Take it Outside"

I've also applied at every decorating company that worked on the PNE's prize home. Yes, it's not Design, but it might be fun to be a "Decorator" (oh, how I hate that word) for a year or so, and who knows, I might like it. I'd just have to come up with another word for Decorating.

SO the next step is to apply at places like coffee shops and fabric stores and grocery stores . . .
Then I will try to get my name out there "Ayla Anderson Interior Designs" or "Interior Designs by Ayla Anderson" or "______________ " (you fill in the blank) and see, if I get any bites, if I can do some jobs on the side to expand the portfolio a bit while I get all this school stuff over with.

If I just went with the "Interior Designs by Ayla Anderson" one, I already have a logo I kinda like that I made in school.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh - I very much like that little design logo too. Very nice. Simple and clear. I would love a house like that. Even just a basement!!! Wishing you all the best in your job hunt - wherever you go.