Friday, January 9, 2009

BIG picture plan

An email to Mom I must remember when I try to change my stupid unsatisfied mind sometime again the future when I am regretting this decision. Think Big picture, me... think big picture.

".... So guess what? I am not doing school this semester at all! I figured that I could save up some money this semester and possibly quit my job for next semester and go back to full time school. I just want to get it done and over with. I am not 100% on quitting work and all yet though, I will try to decide in the next month or so. I change my mind enough eh?! But being part time in school, I just can't get into it, and I feel like I've lost a lot of knowledge and drive to really be in it just from being half away from it. I will get a better education by doing it alone than interrupted by work for the next 3 years or something. Sooo that is that kinda.... And also I am looking forward to this semester because I want to learn some sewing and get into it, see what I can do with it, and also with photography again. Those things interest me more now than Interior Design. And I thought after I am done design I might go to school for something else like textile pattern making or web design or graphic design. Ya, I know, I am all over the map. I just see what the design/architect industry has to deal with and all it is is a stress ball, it isn't design or creative at all. well maybe 10% of it is. Not my thing. I don't wanna be overworked and constantly annoyed by stupid clients and people who don't do their job. Ya, that is a bit worst-case scenario-ish, but that is how I see it now. But if I have my Interior Design Diploma, I have the knowledge to do it if I want to. And if Ron wanted me to do Interior design on houses he builds, we're set up to do that too. But I don't see that as a full-time commitment that I would ever have to make. Sooooooooo thats the deal. I am kinda figuring it out as I type, so don't be all like spreading this news like it is fact or something. Because I know you would do that... such a gossiper. Weeeell I am just bored at work so I am going to play on the internet now!...."

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