Tuesday, June 22, 2010

green yellow mustard pink brown

Hi There! Long time no blog. I'm just working in Photoshop right now, I can't seem to decide which style of logo I like for this project I'm doing, but I do like playing around. Your opinions?
Also, there is a material board. I need to render elevations and perspectives all in photoshop now. I love PhotoShop.
In other news, I got accepted into the 2nd year Diploma program. The one I've been hoping to get into, yeah, that one. If you follow this link you can see the layout of the year and how that you take 9 courses at a time. The most I've done at a time before is 4, which is considered full time and kept me very busy. So, lets double that, plus a little. Meanwhile, I must keep up a 65% average to finish, and a 75% average if I want placement into a practicum/work experience position. Yay! How fun! Well, it  certainly will be interesting. I am trying to relish in my sleep-ins and flexible schedule right now. And now...back to that!

- ayla


Susie Q said...

i like the mustard one with the chair...good to see what you are up to, congrats on getting into sem 2. When are you getting a blackberry already? We must make a skype date, I miss you! Oh I started an etsy shop (finally) today... how did you get the etsy sidebar on your blog?

Terrylynne said...

I like the first one - the A with the bird. Actually, I love it!

Leif and Laura said...

I like the "A" one AND the yellow chair one. Maybe depends who your target clients are. You are going to be stinkin' busy! I can't even imagine!