Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Directed Studies: 9 Days to go

I am so not in love with sketchup right now. Brilliant program. But just not worth my time this time. I've used it as a "SHORTcut" for creating the perspective drawing that is required. But this time, I think it would have been easier to do it the proper way and draft out the vanishing points, station point, base line etc. and draw a quadrillion lines all over a million pieces of trace paper to make it as perfectly in perspective as we've been taught. Instead, I am going to print this on a big sheet of paper and sketch onto it until I've faked it enough to trace over and make it look "drafted".

But seriously... what a mess. I couldn't even get it to draw windows this morning (added for a little drug-dealer-monitoring. Like it would really make a difference.)

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