Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vancouver Destination for you...

Have you ever been to Dressew?
Well, if you're ever in Vancouver and you like fabric, you should go there. It's A. MAZE. ING.

Last time Dad was in town, we went there upon recommendation by my cousin. Here's me in front of their ric-rac wall.

There are also floor to ceiling walls of cord, ribbon, lace, brown buttons, orange buttons, snaps, straps, sequins .... and then there are the bolts and bolts (and bolts) of fabric!
Its fun to look at even if you're not a sewer. I couldn't leave without a few meters of the giant green ric-rac. And Dad even enjoyed it!
Just TONNES of stuff. Like the kind of stuff you always wonder if you can get somewhere, y'know?

Go if you ever get a chance!

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