Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An update on the last little while:

Went home to see these girls do this:

And Nella just be cute and eat and sleep and make cute faces and be cuddly and perfect:

And do a lot of this:

And some of this:

(playing quelf)

In mom's cute little old house:

But boy was I happy to come back to spring-land (so cold in Calgary!). Got some warm weather, a little colour and a few extra freckles this week!


Wade and Tara said...

I love this post! very cute!! haha I figured if I want people to comment on my blog I better start commenting on theirs!! so keep up the commenting haha miss you!

Ayla said...

Thank you! Congratulations, you're my first comment since april 11th or something!!! haha

Terrylynne said...

I love this post too - and it was great having you home. Sorry it was so cold out!! Try again soon, it's warmer now!

Anonymous said...

I like this post too! Especially you guys playing Quelf, i can just imagine all the laughs that you guys had! Miss you!


Shanna said...

My thoughts have already been expressed... but I love the post too! And the striped PJ's of course!