Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Place!

After finally getting to see the place, I am pretty darn excited to get our pretty little butts moved in there!
Here is a walk through starting from the back of the house, into the kitchen. (hope it's good enough for you Mum!)

The Kitchen viewed from dining area

Kitchen and hallway

The Living Room viewed from Dining area
Doesn't it feel kind of like Mexico?! The previous tenant did this lovely swooshing paint technique. Lovely indeed. :) But such a nice, big,bright, fireplaced room! Fireplaced is so a word.

Front Entry
And the flooring guy I guess. He won't be there when we move in.
The bit of floor at the end that looks like it leads to a hallway really is just a little alcove to put shoes or something else I guess.
As you can imagine I am sure, the living room is to the right of the picture, through the big hole. But there are other means of access to the room, not just the big hole, so don't worry.

And if you look left from here you will see the freshly carpetted hallway - and a nice big closet on this end, another one at the far end and another halfway down! (one for me, one for Chantelle, and one for our coats because the front closet in the above picture actually has water heaters in it) YAY STORAGE!


Proceed down hallway and on your left ... A bathroom almost identical to my current. A tad narrower though. And browner.

The small, "extra" bedroom. It has a fan. Wanna come stay?

The big room
( we're so excited about the full sized closets!)

My Bedroom! How perfect is that colour for me, like come on now, was that planned well or what?!
LOVE IT! Oh glorious" double wide" (only if you're used to my current one) closet, too.

The other wall (West facing, if I figure it right). Do I get an honourable mention for this photo? Oh yeah, it's so amazing, I know....

And the grand reveal oh whats beyond that bright window...

This is the extra little "add-on" outside of the kitchen. That you can only access from outside... it's a bit mysterious, but it seems like a good place to put my bike? Or a treadmill of course. Or... we'll see!

NOW let me take you to the front side of the house under the stairs where you can wash your nice sparkly clean white linens, intimates and the like!


There's gotta be one down side to it, right?!

Oh but the yard! And it's all ours!
Spot the skytrain tracks?
They have birdseed hanging on the clothesline but I think that could change.
As well as the site of a demolished shed.
All in all, so private and lovely!



Susie Q said...

wow! looks lovely! I'll come stay in your spare room any time! And seriously who actually hangs out by the washing machines? it's not a laudromat! :o) btw LOVE that green!

Leif and Laura said...

Coin laundry?! Now that's super lame. The house looks really nice though. And I love the colour of your room too! Do you get to use the treadmill?

Wade and Tara said...

love it cant wait to see it in person!!

Ayla said...

Susie - Yes! Come! I know, the laundry bit it pretty much the way things are around here with all the shared houses and suites, it's not that bad. Plus I can always take it to Ron's/ :)
Laura - Yeah, coin laundry but the coin bit doesn't work for the dryer so only for the washer! Landlord pays for the water and we have to share that with a welder and a policeman (the basement suites tenants) too! I dunno if that treadmill will be there or not...
Tara - Yes, please come! Soon! I would love for you to see more of my pretty little town :)

Terrylynne said...

WOW!! I love it - the kitchen, the carpet, the closets, the green room, the fireplace, the clothes line and the back yard and the little extra room - what more could you ask for? Oh, maybe a little help in the laundry, but oh well, that's liveable!! I think its a good thing you girls "snatched" that one up!! Can't wait to help you move in!!