Friday, May 21, 2010

Photography Class, age 15

I love sorting through old stuff. I seem to have a lot of it, I find out when I try to pack. This morning I found these photos from my Highschool photography class I took when I lived in Australia. We learned (I use the term lightly) to use a good old 35mm SLR camera and how to process the film and develop it.  It was a bit of a nightmare, that developing. And the reason I had permanent yellow stains all over my uniform skirt. Cute. But oh the fun of taking the pictures! Often we'd walk down to Eastern Beach and snap away... not artfully, of course, just get the job done.

I kinda love this one now, and how the water droplets from the developing (or I got on the photo paper during exposure, I don't know which!) ended up printed on the photo! If only it was on purpose ...
A very fuzzy picture of me and my friend Megan

Here is probably the only interesting thing I did in that class!
Overlapping those 2 pics to expose them like this:

Me and Dennis, who is now in London persuing his career in fashion, you can read about it here!

Oh what a mess I always made of the developing...

If you look closely there is one reasonable picture on that negatives sheet: 
Its me! So it turned out probably because it wasn't me that took it ...

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