Sunday, December 6, 2009


I just wanted to post something and my most creative idea was this: share funny moment at work tonight.

Challenge: make it funny to read. Doable? Probably not.

So you know how when the store closes you hear the "good evening shoppers. The time is now ten o clock and we are closed. Please bring your final purchases to the front and we can help you on your way out..."
Well, I was supposed to do that tonight. Which is fine, I can handle it, I've totally done it before, no terrible situations arose and I actually sounded quite a bit like a nice recorded message if I may say so myself.
Tonight, however, I picked up the phone and started the page with "Hello!..." (sort of how you would greet your grandmother on the phone) "....the time is now ten o clock..."
then I thought of how funny it sounded when I said "Hello!" and cracked up...


I was crying I was laughing so hard. I dunno why! It was funny! So everyone had a good laugh and then the other cashier did it. Properly.

Tomorrow is my day off and boy do I need it after that stressful situation! (its a joke. I have a zero stress job.)

goodnight. (actually not. Good time-to-watch-brothers-and-sisters-and-a-little-sex-and-the-city)


Embarrassed ayla

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Terrylynne said...

I have had more than one chuckle since reading about this little embarrassing moment. I had this silly grin in my face last time I was at Sobey's and heard an announcement over the intercom. Remember the time we heard one (I think it was Winners) where the girl said, thank-you, good-bye or something silly like that and we laughed and laughed. I'm sure you made somebody's night.