Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am really excited to share my Christmas spoilt-ness with you all

however, I am waiting for my new laptop to arrive so it doesn't take 10 years to load pictures up. :D

It should be here soon, Right mom?

(Thanks again mom!)

I made an "As-If-Christmas-Wish-List" a few weeks before Christmas, listing things that would be amazing but pretty far-fetched to receive... all for my own entertainment of course. It went something like this:

Laptop that works (only requirement)
a bike - beach cruiser
a puppy
"Mastering the art of French Cooking" book
"Pioneer Woman Cooks" book
Value Village gift certificate for millions (or more. Or less)
A house with a big yard
A trip to Toronto to see Britta
A serger (complete with space to put it)
Nice black leather tote
Spa gift certificate
A classy hat

See? Some are sorta reasonable gifts, but mostly not so much.
Really, I don't want a puppy when I think about it now. And my house-mate would kick me out which would be a big downer. So scratch that...
Anyways, the coolest thing happenned! I got the first and second things on the list! As mentioned, mom ordered me a nice new Dell laptop. Yay! I am using one right now and it is from 1998 which tells me that Dells last a long time!
And I have no idea how the boy knew the cruiser it was on my list (he didn't) but he knew what I would like! It is a Dutch Cruiser, I'm not sure how old, but old enough to look old and young enough to still work great. I have to decide on a colour I'd like it painted as that will be my birthday present! Its a toss up between white and kitchenaid mixer teal (you know the colour!) ... he says bronze which also looks good, just a bit more manly...

Other than that... the rest of my spoiltness will be displayed in pictures when I get the laptop on my doorstep.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday too!

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Terrylynne said...

Your laptop is on it's way - just sent it this morning - should be there by Monday!!! Sorry, I should've had it go there directly or at least sent it before Xmas! Oh well - enjoy!!! Looking forward to future blogs!!