Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking Advice...

Yay for playing with words! I liked everyone's ideas. Everyone's!
I tried a different way of puting two together by writing all the words on peices of paper and puting them in a jar, pulling them out . . . Then I'm not restricted to my brain's ideas.

See Home - uh...
Bon Fine - does Bon mean good? Good Fine? haha!
Cushy Sing - that sounds like a voice lesson tip... tool... thing I know nothing about. A la "have a cushy voice, now.."
Habits Love - habits love... what
Kind Purely - ESL?
Sentimental Secret - barf
Porcelain Heart - porcelain is consistent throughout; pure. But too delicate sounding. And nice.
Little Polka Dot - good name for a kid's store
Soul Jam
Once One Hundred - has a ring to it?
Ruby Street
Blue Olive
Smile Simply
Button What
Ocean Ruby
Red Heap
Tea Light
Puzzle Fine
Porcelain Simply
Habits Kind - Kind Habits
Polka Dot Oh - Oh Polka Dot
Polka Dot Ocean

Simply What . . . okay this game is getting old.

Then I developed an obsession with the word/name Simon. As in simple simon... was a pie man. I'm not really a boo-yah-crazy-lovin pie person but Simon is still a good name.

Simon Soul
All Simon
Simon Island

Yellow Dawn (favourite colour, middle name)

My boy hates when I ask for help and then don't take the advice given, too. So you're not alone if you're thinkin 'uh why did you even ask for help, Ayla?!', but I am sorry! I was just trying to get some creative sparks flying, so thank you!

ONE of these days I will get on this and I will actually have something to show for my 'thoughts' on openning an Etsy shop. I am still struggling with the idea of putting myself out there when I feel like my ideas have all been done; I have nothing new to offer, and that feeling always bothers me. A lot.

And also wondering if selling vintage finds and treasures is stupid or smart. I just can't decide. But I do have some treasures...
I just don't like those shops where they sell a set of bowls for $35 when you can get them at the Salvos for $2. But at the same time, maybe my ability to pick out the great stuff, IS worth money. Is it? Please, I need some opinions.

Alrighty, Good Nighty!


Quinn And Zoe said...

I have a proposition for you.
Email me. qzolson@telus.net

Terrylynne said...

Okay - I had to think on this one a few days but I believe that you should get the ball rolling. You may be surprised at the reaction you get and if it's really positive, then you HAVE to put yourself out there to meet the demand and then that's when creativity starts! And the fun! And I really like Yellow Dawn, or something with Dawn - not just because it's your middle name, but also because it gives the impression and mental image of prettiness and newness and freshness.
Just my thoughts.........don't underestimate yourself! - just because creating and designing comes easy for you I think you forget there's a lot of people out there who need people like you to help make their world beautiful. Now go take on the day....(isn't that Dr. Laura?)
Love you,

Ayla said...

No she only says "now go do the RIGHT thing" - thanks mom!