Friday, November 13, 2009

Ayla at 80

It feels like I am an 80 year old woman who's been missing out on life the last month or so.

Let me explain that a little better...

Well, I had a cold then it went away then It kinda came back but it was different and 'new' again and really badly affected my throat to the point that I couldn't bare to swallow so went to the doc and said please make this go away as soon as possible. Then she (Dr. Payne - love the name) gave me antibiotics because she said it was too red to just leave it.
3 days later- feeling waaaay better
7 days later - itchy feet
7.5 days later - red splotchy and itchy feet
8 days later - red splotchy and itchy legs and feet and backs of arms
9 days later - red splotchy and itchy legs, feet, thighs, back, arms etc...
and now I'm back to the doctor again. I'm allergic to that dang antibiotic I was prescribed.

Benadryl, hello, I love you, can we be best friends?!

Ya so now I'm on that but after work I come home with feet the size of an elephant's that look worse that an elephant's. Red, swollen, bruised and blistered looking. Not pretty. I'd show a picture but you'd all stop reading my blog.

FINALLY starting to subside. I can sleep at night. But ... ya...
what am I doing wrong in life to be feeling so broken for so long?!
I think the last time I felt totally perfectly healthy was the middle of September.

Anyways just needed to give a little update. I can't wait to be healthy again, I am sooo sick of this!

love you all,

Ayla the reddest of them all


Leif and Laura said...

Awww! You poor, poor thing! That sounds horrible. Hope you feel better soon!

Terrylynne said...

You need the TLC of your mommy!! Why haven't you called her?! Hope you're feeling better soon! Believe me, some things you get not because you deserve them, but because you can endure them! And then you appreciate your "healthy" days more! Talk to you soon!!
Love ya.

Susie Q said...

Aw Ayla, I wish I was there to look after you... Maybe if you move to Australia you won't get so many colds/ flu. Normal hot weather, you know! I miss you so much, did I hear a rumour about you moving back to Calgary. Are you on skype yet?