Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Pictures. No Fun.

I was thinking that maybe, without making any huge judgement calls or transforming my sense of being completely, that maybe, I just get bored easily.

Firstly, I am SO veerry bored of being tired. And bored. And sick. (good news - tonight, I swallowed... swallowed again.. and confirmed: no feeling like needles and cotton balls being shoved down my throat!)

Secondly, I am working on cleaning out my closet and the highly discustingly huge grotesque (okay, well, at least I'm not under-stating it) amount of clothes I seem to have. I don't know where they come from. I don't have money to buy clothes. And yet - I can't weed through them often enough! I must just bore of them easily, and somehow new ones creep their way in. We'll never, ever know. . .

Thirdly, I am bored of yellow and grey as a colour scheme. For anything. Who knew? I love grey. And I love yellow. Meh, whatever, I can't deny that I'm bored of it.

Also, I'm getting a tad bored of photoshopped-to-death photos.

oh and Facebook, don't forget.

But then... there are the things I don't seem to get bored of. And let me think of a few...

Starbucks... around this time of the year when the cups turn red and their drink features turn fierce...

Chapters... while sipping at that Starbucks and wandering for hours from book to book...

IKEA... a place to go to unwind and walk, and walk, and people watch ... free childcare if that is applicable to you as well...

Now there are three things right there, three things, places, of which I have not thus far gotten bored of and can ALSO fall under the title "Marketing Traps". They are successful multi-squillion dollar businesses. How could I not be bored of them.

Well, let me tell you. Nobody goes to Starbucks with quite the same 'Its a special ocassion, I'm splurging on a Starbucks beverage' feeling anymore. No. Faaaar too mainstream and . . . uh . . . boring. Can I say that again? Jeepers I'm predictable.

But honestly, when Starbucks get that Christmas spirit pumping, they got the decorations on the windows, they got Christmas music playing even, but not the intolerable kind, just the kind that you have to listen for a minute to decide whether or not it actually is Christmas music, and then there's the smell of the gingerbread latte, a little eggnog one in there, some caramel spice and a little peppermint to boot. You can't trot in there in an average mood and leave with a bad one, that's all I'm sayin'.

And maybe I'm just a cheery person, so correct me if I'm wrong.
So will ya'll agree that the marketing is what gets them two thumbs up?! (and look at me, I'm not even touching on the area of the decor they install!)

And I don't even need to exemplify on my other two examples of marketing traps. We all know.

But its interesting to me, to think of how one thing can be the most amazing creation of a thing for a person to experience, something that they could never (or not for a long time at least) get bored of, and the next idea, just really doesn't catch on.

And I think that brings me to my point. I find it very interesting how that the things that surround us; the air, the sounds, the light, the scents, the objects, the energy, actually make us FEEL. Those things actual dictate our brain's response and make us feel something. Either cozy or cold. Hopeful or discouraged. Bouncy or tired. Chipper or bleak. Like splurging or like saving. Like you're at home or like you're at a fast food joint.

And... isn't that amazing?

I think that, for me, Interior Design has become more interesting the more I study the psychology of it. I know that there are Merchandising Designers who are hired to design according to the psychological response of shoppers, but I'm not so interested in that. Just... what makes us like what we like and not what we don't. And how do we even know the difference. And what are my surroundings telling my brain to feel. And why?

You ever think of that?

ps. my real opinion on Starbucks, Chapters and IKEA, in case you didn't get your fill of reading in already:
- Starbucks is good in my books because I order the Grande Americano and I know exactly how much milk and sugar I need to add to make that size/ratio/drink taste good to me. And it doesn't matter what country I'm in when I do it.
- Chapters is a place to wander around in, to open huge books in without somehow spilling your coffee, and dream of having this many books. Buying? Not so much for me.
- IKEA is a place to wander through, enjoy the designs, and sometimes ridicule if I'm in that kind of mood. It almost fits the bill for any of my moods, but usually makes me want a house all to myself to decorate which puts me in a bit of a covetous mood. But still. Good place to kill time.

Unfortunetly none of these places make their mega bucks from me. I order pretty much the cheapest (but the best) type of coffee every time, I only read the books while in store, and I only use the design as entertainment.

Oh, and really, I also wanted to touch on how it's the natural, God-designed (if you will) things that give you the best, most exhilerating feelings. An Amazing view. The smell of rain. The sound of surf crashing. Y'know all that good stuff. We humans will never compare in our design skills. I love it, the fact that THOSE things I will well and truly never ever ever get bored of. Impossible. Amazing.

*And next week, on Channel Ayla, we'll be discussing canibalism of the greatest infants of Madagascar!

**I'm joking, I just can't belive how much I wrote about getting bored easily. Sorry for the drama. Call yo mama.


Susie Q said...

you sound like dr laura! love it! I'm missing the starbucks christmas year because although I do have a Starbucks nearby, Christmas does not coincide with cold weather. So very sad :o( Have an apple spice for me won't you? or a salted caramel hot chocolate?

Leif and Laura said...

Nice post miss! Wish I had time to be bored!
p.s. Your hat will be neither grey nor yellow.