Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On my resemblance to a gorgeous actress

I have now had 4 people at work tell me that I look like Dana Delaney, an actor on Desperate Housewives. The first customer to tell me that, I thought she was just tryin' to be nice, and I didn't know who she was or what she looked like so I left it at that. Then the other day, THREE people told me I looked like her. And not just vaguely look like her, these people were saying things like "I couldn't figure out where I knew you from, you looked so familiar, and then I realised that it's just that you're a twin to Katherine from Desperate Housewives!"

So, still not knowing who she was so finally I had to look it up. . . and the results are in:

Really?! I wish!

I honestly can't even see a resemblance. Can you?

I do like those glasses. I'd like a set of 'em for myself...

Hmph. I don't get it. But thank you IGA shoppers! Or IGA... the lighting must be miraculous.

Do you ever get told you look like someone? Do you agree with them or do we never think we look the way others think we look?


Leif and Laura said...

She's an actress, not an actor!! I wouldn't have picked that up, but now that you say it, you look similar to the first and third pictures in your post. Just last night, I got told again how much I look like my mom. I don't really see it, but enough people say it so I guess I just have to believe it!

Anonymous said...


Actor is used for both sexes. OED.

Ayla said...

whats OED?
ya, I have heard people say the word actress is sexist or something. Nooot that I would ever think that, just trying to keep with the times...stupid times.
Thanks, anonymous, for the help there.

Terrylynne said...

I can kind of see it too - the first one especially - were you wearing red lipstick?!! Or maybe you were showing off your shoulders - you do have freckles like hers!!
FYI - OED = Oxford English Dictionary