Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Handmade Game Gift is on it's way!

Remember the game?
Yeah, so I am done makin' my stuff (Step 1) and getting it in the mail (very important Step 2)

I used this game as an excuse to try making a few things that I'd been wanting to try for a while and just see how it goes; so you were guinea pigs and there were some screw ups but what can you do... give them away thats what!
I won't tell you what I made each of you because they're all a little different, but I will tell you what it could be made of. Here are all of the supplies used:

- old tshirt
- old sweater, shrunken
- value village-bought fabric
- old curtains from VV
- pieces off a purse I don't want
- ribbon that was lying around
- an old man shirt I got at Value Village to use for somethin' I don't remember it was so long ago
- fabric that came from mom's house or grandma's house or both
- recently purchased thrift shop fabric
- used socks
- cotton thread
- old buttons

So, as you can see, I didn't spend any money on the making of these things. As a result, you may notice that the thread doesn't match or something crazy like that. Also please be advised I enjoy sewing but it doesn't mean I'm a pro, I am still learning, and you (lucky you) got to be a part of the learning process!
Also. my machine requires a fair bit of steering (as I like to call it), even when you're sewing in a straight-ish line, so, yeah, my stitches may look somewhat wobilly.

Anyways, enough excuses yet?!

I really, sincerely, hope you like what comes in your mail box (except you Calgarians, I am making a special trip to drop those off cause it's cheaper than Canada Post :P) !



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Britta said...

Hahaha at school cleaning people's teeth I tried telling them they get to be a part of my learning process too... sadly no one seems to be excited about that part... lol!