Thursday, January 28, 2010


I felt like blogging tonight. . . not feeling very inspired, but. . . . I cleaned my room today and it felt so amazingly good to have more floor. Having a cluttered space really messes me up and leaves me feeling useless. So I need to make it my mission to never let it get to that stage, but it's really hard with the amount of stuff in my bedroom.

Anyways, this is what my room looks like when its clean. Except now I have a sewing machine on my desk as well as a laptop. Let's see if I can give some insightful information as we view the images...

  • That's a twin bed that is not nearly the size I need it to be. At least my duvet is a double so I have plenty to wriggle up in
  • the black and white photo above my bed is of me when I was 2 or 3. My dad took it, and it's pretty cute, but my hand is actually down my overalls, not in my pocket as it appears, which makes it kind of funny...
  • that huge yellow spool of thread is my favorite. I love the color and it is solely for looks.
  • The black desk was made by my boy when I needed a drafting table. It's an old school desk, with a shelf under the top and the top lifts up so it angles for drafting. He also added the side shelf so I could use my laptop at the same time. It slides so that it can be tucked away under the desk, and has hooks underneath to manage cords ... genius eh? Like I say, it's more of a sewing table now.
  • I got the flower rug at Winners and I really like the pop of red :D I really like Winners.

  • I tied a ribbon between two pins on the wall and clothes-pinned stuff to it. Included are: a picture of a beautiful beach in Australia, photo booth pics of me and Emerly, a postcard and letter from Susie, an Orange Business Card (Earmark's, I bought some awesome cards once from them), picture of Wade and Tara... dunno what else...
  • I hate organizing 24" x 36" drawings. They're totally mixed and matched it there, if I ever needed to find something... I don't even want to think about it.
  • that's a stack of magazines behind. Anyone want some interior design magazines?!
  • to the right of that is my door
  • this is the icky side of the room. With no good way of storing purses, I stack them on this white shelf that came with my room. It works, but it annoys me by it's perpetual messiness.
  • I like having a long mirror on my closet door. My closet, on the other hand, is the same width as the door (normal door size) :D
  • in the mirror you can also see my other dresser that's stacked with stuff as well.

See?! STUFF everywhere!

Well, wasn't that fun!?

Now I can go to bed. Night!

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Terrylynne said...

Of course I have to comment!! I love seeing pictures of your room! Here's an idea for your purses - you know that really nice white "towel box" Ron gave me last year - that would be perfect to throw purses in - and with some cushions on top (maybe at the foot of the bed!)makes a nice little place to sit and sip a cup of tea!! I wonder if another one like it can be found? (Or made??)
Have a wonderful weekend!! Sue and Niki are on their way, so I think mine will be kinda wonderful too!! Miss you!