Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby's on its way!

I had fun last weekend trying to creatively capture some shots of Tara's belly.

I couldn't get over how much better everything turned out in black and white, so I made them consistenly that way...

{turn on your speakers}

sorry about the "" part but I forgot that when you make a powerpoint presentation, you can't exactly just upload it as a video. Anyways that's an online program that converted it for me. Nothing you need to be worried about, but it is annoyingly in the way the whole time, I know. (I won't do that again!)

Thank you Colbie Caillat for the tunes. (love that song)

I will maintain that it's a boy in there still though.


What didya think??

PS: Animoto Makes it WAAAAY easier


Terrylynne said...

Wow - well done!! Those turned out really well in black and white. Love it!

Quinn And Zoe said...

So cute, maternity pics are the best!

Anonymous said...

that is sweet! and i love the song,