Monday, January 18, 2010


I was asked to blog about what it's like to turn 22. So, get ready for an epic story. No, really though. Let me try to examine...

My list of things to do before I turned 22 is a little embarrassing to look at. There are things on there that I did do, things that I never did, and things that I don't really care to do anymore.

I am proud of some of the things I've accomplished in the past year, however, I feel like there is so much more to get going on in the coming year.

Though I haven't committed to any new-year’s resolutions yet, a few things spring to mind for this new year of my life:

I want to be more thankful and less judgemental of the amazing people in my life. I want to grasp the amount of joy there is to be had. I need to share more of myself and reach out to others. I want to make a positive difference to other's lives, without really trying or thinking about it.

I want to be trusted to be an honest and reliable source of friendship. I want to love selflessly.

There's been so much in my life lately that makes me thankful and feel blessed; I don't want to forget about it next week or next month.
I want to remember everything that is awesome every day.

I went home, to Mom's, for my Birthday weekend. I took pictures of Tara's pregnant belly and was shopping with her and mom, got to visit a little with Laura and Leif, met Ruger, caught up with Moxie, was excited with the news of a new baby born to share my birthday with, was spoiled with meals at home and out, and got to come home to a boy who always outdoes himself in showing me how much he loves me. I will miss him a lot while he's away working for the next few months . . . it will be different for us to be miles apart again, so hopefully the time goes by fast.

Today, at work, there was a handsome older man who was talking to the lady behind him in line at the checkout. He had grabbed a chocolate from the isle and mentioned that his wife would be pleased to find that treat hiding at the bottom of the bag. He smiled so big. And he pulled out his wallet to show the lady in line a photo from his wedding day, and proudly proclaimed as he pointed to her, "That’s my wife!" When it was his turn, he showed it to me too. And it was the sweetest little black and white photo, with a great looking couple standing next to each other.
Simple. In love.
He told me, "She keeps my train on the tracks".
It was so sweet, and really melted my heart. I want to be that proud, that supportive, that loud about how lucky I am.

I have said "I" a lot in this post, so I'm gonna sign off now...

But please enlighten me: what are you thankful for and what will you do more of this year... ?



Anonymous said...

Hi Ayla, nice post!!
I for one am thankful for the ugly doll you made Islay!! Its so cute (really, its kinda cute!!) and i think she'll be as pleased as me!! too bad we didn't get to see you this weekend, maybe next time... you should plan your next trip to be here for craft night!!
thanks again,

Ayla said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked it, Molly. Kinda cute is a good description!
Next time, craft night for sure!!

Anonymous said...

me? I'm thankful for patient, quiet people, but I do think the world needs more of them.

This year I'm going to do more optimism, less grouchiness and pessimism.

Susie Q said...

I'm thankful for receiving the most awesome package in the mail and for my socks being incorporated in such an awesome doll (if you can call it that) You make me laugh, always. Ps you didn't get me with the glitter...

Terrylynne said...

I am thankful to have a daughter who is so smart and thoughtful and beautiful and kind and generous and talented and pretty and who I love to spend time with. Thank you for choosing to come "home" to celebrate your 22nd birthday!! Have a wonderful year creating and doing what you love to do!!