Monday, June 8, 2009

Want a dress like this??

I wore my English Rose Garden dress (that's what i JUST named it. Erg dress for short) on Sunday and got a load of compliments again, as I always do when I bother to wear it - or should i say when I bother to iron it so that I can wear it.

Sorry about the photo quality, this is a couple years old and my Auntie's photo from a cousin's wedding. Being a dork. Not much has changed.

Well check out this dress. I think it would make me look just as good. ;) great, even.
And you can win it!

I gotta go now, lookin at more amazingly covered up yet cute looking dresses at Shabby Apple; looks pretty much like my mecca!


Susie Q said...

hmm yes that is a cute dress! your link doesn't work though, my dear! I'm glad that you're blogging again! When will suit you for me to call?

ayla said...

what would I do without you! Test my links maybe... better now. You will have to call me when it is day. It is way past my bedtime. But you know I don't have class Tue/Wed so let me know on one of those days and I'll make sure I'm at home.