Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'd call it "The Junk Room"

So it is a Saturday night, 11:00, and I need to get to bed. But first I feel like blogging!
Since I have July off, I decided (sort of, for now, until I have a better decision anyways) that I will spend it researching a career based on a store of fixed up junk; something I have always wanted to do. Well, actually, I think I thought of it in High School. I can shop thift stores for a living; how fun is that?! But no, the plan is to figure out a plan, see how much COULD potentially be made at it, maybe meet with a few owners of similar stores or even a regular small furniture store on Main or something... just to test the market, see what people want etc. I really think it could be sold; everyone is all about conservation, recycling, reusing... and this is all of those things. Wrapped up with fun designs and playful looks, I think it could really do something. People don't take the time to buy a chest of drawers that looks like its been to helk and back and give it a good coat of paint and add some nice paper lining in its drawers. Well, besides them and them and them ... but I just want to do the math and see whether it would be worthwhile to endeavour. Also I will weigh the option of an online store or in a store location. Personally I would imagine a store would be better, as then I could decorate and make the place my own and create an experience for a customer to come see, feel, smell and hear! However, even with a good business proposal, I don't know if a Bank would give me a loan to do that until I had student loan debt paid off... maybe? Maybe not? See, these are the things I just really don't know!
These are my thoughts.

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