Friday, June 19, 2009

These are a few of my fa-vor-rit thiiiings

My room! I cleaned it! Well, there is still a huge... copious... collosal... amount of stuff in there, but it is CLEAN! I feel like zooming through it in my fluffiest socks!

I'm the proud new owner of these brooches; they make me happy. Thrifted of course. 1 is funny, 1 is pretty (and it cleaned up much better than it is there. woops.).

AND this piece of art (print) of the 'Blue Boy' which I want to give to Ron. The reason being one day when I was doing some history homework he saw a picture of Henry the somethingth (or someone) and thought it was the "picture from the icecream". So we looked up the icecream... I guess there was a blue boy icecream brand in Manitoba when he was growing up. Either the age difference is a factor here or they didn't have it in Alberta :P

So anyways, that is him, The Blue Boy...

The frame is gross though. I need help Susie. It has the inner wood frame and then a fairly thick piece of glass that is not the right size and clunks around in there, followed by the ugly black part.

And this is the back, so I can't really do much with that, can I ?! What would you do, Susie - no, let me rephrase that - what should I do? Is there a simple fix?
And another thing I'm liking right now:

Now let me just put some fresh sheets on the bed and have a hot shower... mmmm... Goodnight.

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Susie Q said...

hey you found the icecream boy! you're right, that framing is atrocious! you could always repaint the inner frame and cut new glass for it or even buy a crappy ikea frame. Looks like the print will be glued down pretty securely to the backing but you could always put some foamboard at the back to finish it nicely...If I was there I could work something out for you...