Monday, June 15, 2009

School Stuff...and stuff

I really wanted to blog before bed. Not just because of all the 'B's. But I couldn't think of anything that would stand out as blog-worthy. All I've been doing is school work - had a final tonight... AutoCAD, which is pritty (pritty...priiitty like Larry David says it) easy - the part I need to know, I mean- but I kept getting stuck on stupid things on the exam, although I think I got it all ironed out before I handed it in. I've been working on a presentation that I WOULD be presenting, but I'll be at a wedding that day so I am making the presentation to hand in and will loose the presentation marks :( but I will bug him again on Thursday and see if he'll give me marks for recording my voice with it because that is like presenting it, isn't it!? Anyways here is a little bit of what I've learned using 2 of the most amazing programs that I've fallen in love with this year: Sketchup and Photoshop.

So this is the floorplan of a kitchen & living area; drawn in sketchup and rendered in photoshop

A digital material board for it - so much easier to make than the real thing!
I had to create a background for the slideshow in photoshop but I just wanted it to be neutral and natural looking - I don't know what it is with me lately and the muted/neutral colours but I never used to be one to pick them!

So this is basically what Sketchup can do for me:

(and also - light pink! I love it! What is happening to me!?)

And this is what Photoshop can do with that, just with adding shadows, lighting effects and 'stamping' it onto white 'paper' for an artsier look:

Its really fun.
on a completely unrelated note:
  • Yes Laura, I blog! And it only took me 5 days to know you commented. But yay!
  • I found a comment the other day from a post way back by somone who's blog I read sometimes that is just a random person but she complimented me on my really cute daughter .... thank-you so much, you! Haha... I'm not sure where she got the impression I had one.
  • And yeah, I have not tried to keep it a secret but, well, for a while there it was kinda a diary of secrecy that only me and 1 other person knew about. Now I am trying to not care if someone else comes and sees it. Well, I don't care, but I mean that I am trying to encourage it a little more.
  • Blogging is fun. You should do it. Everyone should do it. But then I'd have another one to keep up with. newest obsession: Pioneer Woman
  • no idea how the top bit got underlined or how to take it away
  • Good-night!

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