Monday, March 15, 2010

Directed Studies: Day 12

Layers and layers of trace paper to figure out all the layouts

More layers and colours and bits taped all over the place

A final trace over everything that seems to work.
It reminds me of my Architect Office Project! Haha - whatever works; straight lines weren't!

So this is all my planning done so far. Hopefully not much will have to change.
Clockwise from top left:
- Centre's Kitchen
- Dining room for 20
- Accessible Men's Washroom
- Accessible women's washroom
- Art Classroom
- Teacher's Office
- Regular Classroom
- Art display area
- Front entrance
- Lounge with seating for 12
- Appartment - Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room all in under 550 sq. ft.
- Appt. Entry to centre and from outside
- Secondary means of egress/ hallway
- Counsellor's Office
- Library
- Study Area in Library
- Front desk
- Librarian's office

A page in my sketchbook / my thought process

The colours as accurately I could get my phone to take it! There should be more yellow/green tone to all of them.

A quick sketch and trial of making those colours with my rendering markers and crayons - that might be a challenge!

Next I think I'm going to choose all my furniture pieces... Its hard not to get boring with those choices because it is an educational centre and low-funding kind of place.
Anyways, please let me know all your thoughts and ideas!


Leif and Laura said...

I'm liking the real shade of "aubergine". I didn't even know that was a real colour. I would have said something more like plum. What did you do to your fingernail? Those tracings look like a ton of work!

Ayla said...

Yeah, I think aubergine is just french for eggplant, isn't it?
My fingernail got in the way of the door of the cigarette safe at work. :(