Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whats Your Type?

Do you know what type you are?
Turns out I am Plastica.
Do yourself a favour, take a break, turn on your speakers and head over for tea with this classy gentleman.
He'll figrue you out in no time. Then come back and tell me!

I love cool stuff like this. Internet rocks.

Thank-you to the Make Something Blog (rocks) for the link to the Pentagram site.


Anonymous said...

cabousier stencil

Anonymous said...

That guy is just a little bit creepy. I might have nightmares tonight. He says I'm Cooper Black Italic. I liked the font that he showed me. He's still creepy tho.


Leif and Laura said...

I'm Marina Script. Pretty nice font if I do say so myself!
Thanks for giving me something extra to do in the morning so I get even more rushed! Never fails that I have to run to the bus.

Terrylynne said...

I also am Marina Script - a very nice script! That was very cool - I did it during my lunch break at my desk - I'm sure people are wondering who the creepy guy is in my office!!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! I'm Pistile Roman!