Thursday, March 4, 2010

Directed Studies: Day 1

I don't know where to start on how excited I am right now!
Here are some hints as to what my Interior Design Project is:

Yes, it is a Community Outreach Continuing Education Centre in Vancouver's Downtown East Side :)
Its a place where people of the community can come to receive guidance, education, and art classes in a safe, social area. It will also have an attached tiny apartment. And that is basically it. Imagine reception, classrooms, library, and art display areas as my design challenges. This is SO different from anything I've had as a project before and I'm beyond excited to get started! I have 8 weeks and tonnes of work to do!

Before even knowing this was going to be the project, I did a lot of concept brainstorming and was especially inspired by these photos of people doing the tango on the streets of Buenos Aires (well thats where the searching started; Buenos Aires photos). And now I have a concept on day 1 of my project! This is such good of news, because honestly, concept is everything and last time I wasted waaaaay too much time not being sure of this. (as many of you might remember!)

The concept means the space can be bright and cheery and energetic and dynamic and cultural and textured and also have a sleek artistic side, as the tango does. It's such a good combo in my mind. :)

Time to get started!


Terrylynne said...

I am so excited for you - you are going to ace it this time!! Enjoy!! And keep us posted with what you're doing!! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, what an awesome place to design! About time they get something beautiful and thought out with love...