Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Directed Studies Day 6

So my concept has changed slightly. Basically, I'm thinking more of a rainbow and how that it's the outcome of grey and dreary rainy skies (Vancouver!). Corny, I know, but I think, as a concept, it works. I am envisioning:

- drawing the eye upwards using interesting lighting techniques, colours/patterns on ceilings
- bright, colourful and open space
- curved hallways
- use of glass, like the raindrops that refract light

I also want it to be modern and chic in a way. . .I was thinking of using a lot of black and white to contrast large, bold swipes of colourfulness. Stripes of colours on ceilings?

The reason I came to this concept was because of my original concept; it was just a step too far for a concept, and did not identify with where the center would be. It has to celebrate the historic and cultural background of the area and mine was headed more toward that of another country. So I just took the good bits; the contrast I saw in the tango photos, the passion, the colour, the 'art in an unexpected place' concept. And came up with rainbow. ( Gag.)
I hate how tacky it sounds, so I ask you this: Can you come up with a 'cool' (for lack of a better term) way of describing my 'rainbow' concept?

PS I am long past the excited stage...I was pretty frustrated last night and earlier today trying to fit ALL the rooms (I won't bore you with the details, but it's a lot) into the space of this existing building. Anyways, that's Interior Design school - I would love to see how easily my instructors could put together this project; like, am I stupid or is this really a huge challenge?!

Please comment, I need help, ideas, input, a good laugh, a link to something cool ...you get the picture.... thanks!


Leif and Laura said...

I don't think this fits what you need, but can you please check your facebook mail?
Don't know how to solve the rainbow problem, but maybe think about a prism and refracted light?

Susie Q said...

yeh like the idea of the prism, kind of like the cover of the pink floyd album. I know what you mean about the rainbow sounding tacky, I envision a leprechaun with a gold pot when that word is used. I guess because it's on the ceiling you could deal with the whole there is only colour when there is light concept. Am I totally off with this? It'll give you a laugh anyways...

Ayla said...

you know how much i love the 'there is only colour when there is light' concept, don't you? yes, a prism idea is good. Just not totally sure how to display it as a whole ... or describe whats sort of in my head... sort of developing there at least. Thanks guys!
I will check facebook, I thought it emailed me when I had mail but I guess not?!