Thursday, March 12, 2009


There is going to be 1 mission this evening when I get home (in an hour)
Organize! My bedroom is hectic. I think I need to donate some clothes to Value Village again. Maybe then I could reward myself with a trip to VV for a bit of a shop around. :D
This sounds like a really good plan! Yay! I shall report tomorrow on what comes of it!

Thank you, Sartorialist - These women came across as beauties to me today!

a) because I often use a purse for it being 'convenient' and then so many get forgotten - like the kind that don't go on my shoulder.

b) the textures in that skirt & coat outfit are so yummy and

c) I wanna go home and put a couple rips in some jeans and roll them up now. VERY sexy!

PS. I collect purses/bags and a lot of them go unused. I can't decide if I would be happier without them or to keep them all forever so I can re-enjoy them in 20, 40 and 70 years? I could never decide which ones to keep anyways. Forget it I shall hoard forever.

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valerie said...

those women look so cheerful! i love it! my favorite is all the layers on the thoughtful and classic. have a great weekend!! p.s. thanks for following being red! your little girl is ADORABLE!