Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Etsy has some mighty-fine things to offer

hehehe this is probably the best hand-made doll I've come accross...ever.

from pocomedio's shop on etsy.com

"Estelle enjoys picking scabs (not necessarily her own), pushing all her brother's flat Lego pieces together oh-so-very tightly and repeating everything you say in a robot voice. Some people tease her about her frizzy bangs and long sausage like pigtails. These people are easy to spot - they have big handshaped red marks on their foreheads. They just don't know what's cool. She's a trendsetter."

These tissue-paper pompoms are really fun - and only $30 for a set of 7, in a huge range of colours, whats not to like?!
From pomlove's shop on etsy.

And I may just copy this idea for a bag... other than the lumpiness of the bottom corner there. But I like the handle idea and I could easily make that out of lengths of fabric.
Drika B's shop has plenty of bags all about the same with different shapes. I don't blame her cause it's simple and nice!

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