Monday, March 16, 2009

hi and bye

Its going to be one of those weeks I think ............
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.
Its also going to be one of those weeks, I think, where I wish I was a stay at home mom - I just feel like cooking and cleaning and having a sexy husband that comes home to me!! haha... well okay okay... maybe its just sucky having to work. And I have to quit my job this week so they've got 2 weeks to find someone new. Yahoo! Back to schooool!

Ok cya!

ps I've been enjoying this fantastic lady's blog much-o lately. Like, almost my favorite. We both love simplicity.
Her's was one of the first blogs I read, I believe. And then she posted about this dress and I kinda felt it was so totally... wrong... that I like totally lost faith in her taste. Now I like her again. She's won me back. Thanks Kelly! (her PMSing posts are the best)

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