Friday, March 13, 2009

Being me on a Friday

Well, I hope you know It is FRIDAY!

Yep well, now you do.

It does make me happy though. And Thursday's Thrifting Thrill was... Thatisfactory.
I got a dress, just a dress, just a cute lil dress with flowers, of all things, on it and it is really comfy - I know cause I'm wearing it right now.
Couldn't wait to throw it in the wash when I got home from VV (along with those jeans - I seriously did it - that I CUT UP the second I got home yesterday) and then in the dryer and now its all clean and purdy! I can't find a picture of it online anywhere but did you know there are a lot of people who take pictures of their outfit like every day so they can post it on flickr or their blog and stuff like that? INTERESTING use of time. But then again, here is me writing about it and I coulda saved a lot of words by just having a photo.

Tonight I am dressing up in my slashed jeans, runners, shirt and vest as a costume for my roll in a murder mystery. I am supposed to be crude, feminist, defensive toward men, and an alcoholic. A suspect for the murder of Tom Cruise. Of all things... exactly what I'm not! Well, I guess I better get good at acting, and FAst!

There is not much more to say today.

Happy Weekend!

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