Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm thinking about being more open...but also about letting more than 1 person know about my blog, so letting it become more general.

But I loved my evening last night because I went to see my boy, cupcakes and a new plant in tow. All the other plants in his house are done and gone and I can hardly bare the thought of no greenery anymore. So I got him just a lil one from ikea, it looks rather strange, like no plant I've seen before but probably only because it is still so teansy. But I picked it because it has very rounded leaves which is good Feng Shui. No, I don't practice Feng Shui, I just know a few things about it and therefore I do those few certain things whenever I think of them because it just seems better than the alternatives. Because I know you were about to ask. I wanted to take him outside under the stars because the moon was so big and bright and beautiful, and requested the biggest hill he knows in the area. I got a tiny parking lot surrounded by trees... And, well, me in my unprepared-ness didn't have blankets or anything with me anyways so sitting on a hill would've been rather uncomfortable anyways. It was nice in my head... just him. me. on a hill. Gazing at the universe. He loves Orion, the constellation, because he has it on his chest. Its true. How do these sorts of crazy things happen to little things like people? Well they do and it's neat, and if only to raise the question, I suppose it's worthwhile for God to throw something in there like that. I'm babbling.

The reason it was a good evening was not, however, because we ended up finding a park and a baseball diamond to look up from in the freezing cold while clutching our Tim Horton's for dear life. It was the talks. We talked about our future, our plans, and again - again - it was all put in the right perspective. About working toward our goals. And I loved that he suggested I start a journal where I record anything and everything I deem important every. single. day. Because our grandkids could pick it up and read it and it would mean so much. I can admit I would love to read my grandma's journals; think of the experiences, the advice, things taught to children, to their partner... Also it would really help me, because so often I don't know how I feel about something but only because I don't take the time to stop and think about it. My brain doesn't automatically come up with feelings, it blocks them more or less. So I need to train it to let them through and also to let other people know about them.

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