Tuesday, February 23, 2010

to-do list

This week's to-do list:

1. sign up for march/april class
2. job in Langley (wednesday)
3. name approval request for R
4. post more etsy items
5. finish logo
6. finish portfolio and submit to school
7. at least 3 work outs
8. a day downtown/olympics
9. craft project (gift)
10. clean up R's place
11. start brainstorming concepts for directed studies and collecting materials!

I feel a little like I've got a lot to think about and do in the next couple of weeks. . . but it's all good, it's all stuff I love (other than working out) and it will all mean I'm better off in the end!

In other news, yesterday I found the duvet cover I've always loved from Ikea at Value Village!!! It looks like this:

And even though it is not the softest (it is still Ikea) it looks so fun and crisp with the perfect shade of orange with white, it just brightens up the room and makes me smile! And it's clean. Am I weird because I am not bothered by the idea of buying bedding used? Yeah, I thought so. But I only paid $8.

[ i just wanted a place to put that to-do list so that it would get done, thanks for bearing with me! ]


Leif and Laura said...

Wow! Now that's a big to do list. And it's already Wednesday!! Good luck! And have fun at the olympics!

JMay said...

So cute! I absolutely love the stars above too :-)