Friday, February 19, 2010

One of my items...

 was included in a treasury on etsy :D

That should get a few views, right?

I keep on making things for gifts and not for etsy. It's easier though, y'know, to know what people want and would like? It is hard to know what everyone else would like. But I try to stick to what I like so at least it has a direction to go in.
Yesterday I actually made something for myself. Craziness.

So if it were your birthday tomorrow, what would you want?


Terrylynne said...

Hey - very cool!! Hope you get some hits now!
If my birthday was tomorrow? First, I'd like you to be here!! Second, I'd like some new paintings for my living room - but you already know that!! Hey - Michaels has a huge sale on painting supplies this weekend, need something?? (hint, hint)

Ayla said...

oh yeah, I was gonna bring those painting supplies home this time! oops!

Susie Q said...

congrats, making it to the bigtime and all!

Ayla said...

Thanks, Susie. Its not really 'big time' unless it's a front page treasury though. There are hundreds of treasurys going on at any one time. ;) but, it's still a good thing!