Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inside my Purse

I've looked at lots of people's versions of this and enjoyed. So what the heck, why not?
I think this is a sign I need to simplify a little.

1. little bag that holds tide to go, perfume, hair elastics, tissues, feminine stuff, nail file etc., 2. sun glasses, 3. headset for phone talking in car, which is never in my purse when I actually need it, 4. purse hanger, 5. bunch of stuff to mail to Susie - just put that in there yesterday!, 6.  Pen Again, 7. 1 chuppachup, 1 eaten chuppachup (oops), 8. change purse, 9. Shell Receipt for gas, 10. bobby pins and hair elastics, 11. daytime cold relief tablets that worked their magic the other week, 12. nice little map of vancouver that was handed out downtown openning ceremonies day, 13. Value Village receipt, 14. Used transit tickets, 15. Notebook from Korea that feels like a passport :) love it, thanks Sin Hye,16. Gum, 17. Paperwork to be filled out for healthcare benefits at work, 18. burts bees lip balm, 19. chapstick cherry lipbalm, 20. paper clip, 21. hair clippy, 22. Aveeno Intense Relief Therapy Lip Balm (BUY IT!), 23. pen, 24. Reese Peanut Butter cup wrapper. woops, how did that get in there?!, 25. Thing that smells like my mom because it has Sunflower perfume sprayed on it :) , 26. address written on post-it for last etsy thing I mailed out, 27. receipt - Salvation Army, 28. Shoppers Drug Mart receipt for trail mix and juice, 29. a work schedule written down from a few weeks back, 30. reusable shopping bag, 31. Burts Bees hand cream. Smells like icky play dough. So do not like. But I like the little container. (fyi I don't like their lip balm either, why am I the only one?), 32. vintage pouch that holds cards I rarely need to get out, 33. wallet, 34. bandaid wrapper

Congratulations if you got through that list! If you did, you should get a prize! Like some used transit tickets or something!

Care to share yours? I would love to see!
Next up: a list of other fun things to do other than what you really should do :)


Leif and Laura said...

I really like that Aveeno lipbalm too! Probably have 3 or so around the house in various bags.

Susie Q said...

i like that you just happen to have a chupa chup in your bag, you know, just in case...