Thursday, September 23, 2010

School & Recycling

I am super duper busy spending long days with these guys! Thats everyone in my program, plus 2 of our main teachers. What an awesome groupe of people; SOOOO great to work with and just really cool. It's good, because we will be spending A LOT of time together!

I need to write a concept and make a concept board type thing for my upcycled-item-for-auction item (I think I mentioned it in my first 'school' post). I want to take a photo of the item(s) before and then the item after, which will end up being a telephone table/bench like they used to always use because phones had little cords and you had to sit by it to talk! Not all that common anymore .... so these pieces of furniture are a bit novel now, although fun and interesting! ...but, y'know, something like these:

The one I ended up finding looks sort of like the below one though, except the magazine rack part is between the side table and the seat...

Not as purdy, but it is going to do the trick (and I was really worried I wouldn't find one at all!)

So the whole concept is that we don't need these pieces anymore....and we don't need let's put them together to make something really unique!

I will be wrapping old (useless, discarded, tangled) cords from phones, tvs, computer equipment, etc. ALL around the frame. I will just recover the chair with some recycled fabric and other than that it will be all cords! 

Its a whole "done with the past, look to the future" scrappy type of thing. Okay, I dunno, I am trying to explain it to myself as I type it too and I'm not sure exactly how my concept is going to be portrayed! I was thinking of getting an old telephone to sit on there as well. Maybe connect it to the table top. And make it so that it hides a charging station for your ipod/phone/cell give it more of a purpose.... I actually just thought of that as I was typing.... Initially I wanted to do that with a drawer or shelf, but since my telephone bench doesn't have that, maybe adding a phone to it would be better! But I was thinking maybe I would use the phone bit as a concept 'board' and explain the piece by writing things on the phone or somehow attaching it to a sign. Or make a speach bubble coming out of the phone? Or I could do that whole thing ON a board. Yeeeeeaaaah.... like ............. (hello Picnik....)

I love Picnik. So then that could sit on the piece at the actual auction on the day. And it could just have a 'part' in my concept board that she wants on Tuesday. I hope to have to whole thing at least CLOSE to completed this weekend, so I will share pictures then.

Does anyone have any good ideas of how to make it obvious that it would be for a charging station? I think just connecting an extension cord to it would work, but I think there should be spaces/holes/pockets to put your phone/ipod etc. so it is more "thought-out" looking than a dangling extension cord from the back of it! Comment lots of ideas please!

I wanted to write more and make this a proper blog post, but I can't be bothered and I think sleep is more important and I am trying to be good about going to bed early. Sooo this is it for now!


Wade and Tara said...

oooh SUPER excited can't wait to see the finished project!!

Terrylynne said...

Thanks for the update - I love the class photo! How come everyone has bare feet?
Can't wait to see the phone table -great idea using it for a docking station. How about using an old phone book to hold it (carve it out of the pages) - that would be recycling too!!

Ayla said...

Everyone has bare feet in the photo cause we were all over at one of the instructor's house for a little party after school one night - got to know everyone pretty well that night!