Monday, September 6, 2010

Boy's Birthday / Etsy Love

How cute is this card I got made for Ron, by CookieBits! I was super impressed, and I think I'll be back to her shop for more hand cut cards!

I also got him this vintage bowling shirt from BeyondTheDoor on Etsy. It's to make him more of a player, just like Charlie (haha!). We Love our Two & a Half Men! I should get a picture of him in it though, it looks great on him!

AND  this Agenda is in the mail (I can not wait!) from Etsy seller An Artful Agenda

There's my Etsy love from the last little while .... always another great shop to be found. Got any new favorites to share?!


Amanda said...

Gorgeous card! We're fans of that show too :)

Terrylynne said...

I love that card! I can just see Ron in that shirt - are you going to take up bowling too?

Sue Nimegeers said...

Happy Birthday Ron! I hope the similarities with Charlie end at the shirt....!!!